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Hello! add a card for payment! Thank you!


I don't have Paypal account, but I want to buy these assets, but right now we cannot register the Paypal account as normal user. So, are there any other ways to purchase? Kindly, plz reply.

Used some of these in a upcoming gamejam

May I ask what font you used in that unity asset preview? I love the font!

How many steering moves do they have? Four directions?

Just bought! Love it!

Can I buy just him?


no bundle sale for monster pack?


Good night! If I buy can I use it in commercial projects?

Thank you!



Can I use this pack in the commercial game I am building and how do I credit you? Is rvros ok in the credits?

Let me know.




I love this! Very very nice work. And what an awesome presentation. Really inspiring :DD

Hello could you please add Debit Card as a payment method? My country restricts Paypal usage in my region.

Hi rvros,

I love your work. Is it possible to ask for front and back facing versions of the monster sprites as well? I will pay for the additional sprites of course. I really love what you made.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Just wondering you have art in safari and ask,can i use them to edit them into the game or will i get copyrighted (I found these images on safari and using that to put in the game)pls comment soon 


I tried to pay, but paypal didn't recognize my bound UnionPay debit card, but I was able to pay more than $10 normally at other artists and I wasn't sure if it was your purchase setup issue or what limited my purchase. My English is not good, from translation software.

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Have you planned to release more monster packs in the future?


I bought your pack, very nice animations!

However I would really appreciate it if you added an actual chest opening animation for the mimic otherwise all chests would be mimics, thanks :)


Hello, sorry for the late reply. You are right, thanks  for the suggestion. I've already added a separate file to the page called Normal


Thank you so much!

Hey mate! Really nice works you have here. Where can I contact you for unique sprites for my project? Thanks!


Thanks for your great works, i love pixel art games, i'll certainly use your work for my games.

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Hi, if you mean color, these are 32 bit. If you mean sprite size, it varies per sprite but these usually works well with 16 x 16 px tile size.

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Awesome! Your monster styles match my game exactly! Keep up the great work

Awesome pixel art! I would love to see more variety from the same type of monster, like adding a range type, for example a goblin archer. I bought all your monster packs. Keep up the hard work!


This is compatible with construct 3?

Yes, as long as the engine you are using supports sprite based animation.

Thanks a lot

Hey, I love your assets. Great work! Do all the projectiles have impact animations?

Unfortunately, no.

Deleted post

Yes you can modify the assets. You can include the assets to your project and sell it as long as your project is not a pack of another graphical assets.

Hope that helps!

Hey your work is great.Please go on with it i will buy your other packs also ;).

Can you do in future maybe please an big undead pixel monster pack or a ork monster pack .

Hello, we are making a student project but we are short in art resources.

We found some of monsters in your packs pretty good.

We're thinking if there's a possibility that we're able to buy different mobs separately,

instead of the entire package?

Cause we're short in budget, we're not gonna buy all the packs.

Looking forward to your reply, thanks!

Hi, you can visit my page on gamedevmarket:

Hope you find what you're looking for. Thanks!

I'm making a game, and your work so far is the best 
for what I want (congratulations for your work), if I get the 
paid packages and the free ones, can I put it in my game normally?

Yes, you can. Thanks!

I'm seriously considering buying these assets, could you do some NPCs as well?


I don't have any plans for NPCs yet but might consider it in the future. Thanks!

Hi rvros, this pack is amazing value for great quality assets. Absolutely wonderful work! I purchased them immediately. 

Do you do any commission or hourly-pay work? I'd like to pay for similar quality assets if possible. 

Thank you for purchasing the asset!

Unfortunately I'm not available for freelance work right now.


Hello, do you make a better price for black friday ? Thanks !

I will not  be joining the Black Friday sale this time, I'm sorry.

What is the licence on these. can they be used for commercial use in a game? Thank you!

Yes, they can be used for commercial games.

Thank you! Great work!

I got these bad boys for my project this morning. I was planning on switching them for something more permanent and exclusive to my game before I publish, but honestly I might just keep them in, they are that good!!!

Hi, I loved your assets and I will buy them to use in my game(of course I will credit you).  Are you going to add jump animation for the monsters?


Yes, I plan to add jump animation for some monsters.

Hi, dude. Lovely assets.. I have two unfinished projects and want to know if your would like to help me finish them. They are very small, just a couple of things left to be done.

Hey, nice pack.