A downloadable asset pack

Pixel art animated slime for platformer/sidescroll games with 5 animations:

5 animations:

  • Idle
  • Move
  • Attack
  • Hurt
  • Die

Sprite dimension: 32x25 px

Individual sprite and a sprite sheet is included.


Slime.zip 14 kB


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Hi, Nice pixel work,but I want to know that there are any license to this work ,because I want to use this asset to my game which is I am planning to launch on play store.if there are any license let me know.Thanks


Can i use this for my game?

Hi. Use it in my entry for Rigid Jam - 1 hour jam https://teamon.itch.io/endless-cut

Thanks for sprites!

I really love the animations that have been displayed and I want to buy every one of them, but I cant seem to enhance the image with out it coming out blurry. Basically I don't know how to use the image. Could you help?


You need to change the image filtering mode from bilinear to nearest/point.


Utilize tu activo en mi ultimo juego

Lo use como trampolin y se ve bien 



can you send me a e-mail? I would like some pixel arts... (danillo.fr25@gmail.com)


It's great animation! can i use for commercial ?

Yes, you can.