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Great art! I came from Days Bygone because they use this asset and theres lots of effort put into it, great job!

I love this art! I added it to my game and it made it so much more exciting:

Usare tus muy buenos sprites para una game jam :D

I love it!

I love your pixel art!

Thanks for the neat slime! I'm using it in my print-n-play card game:


Amazing Pixel Art!


i will buy all of your monster assets. But paypal is not used in our country.

Hi, Nice pixel work,but I want to know that there are any license to this work ,because I want to use this asset to my game which is I am planning to launch on play store.if there are any license let me know.Thanks

in the more information section it says the licence is Creative Commons Zero 1.0 which means you can use it however you like, personal, or commercial,


Can i use this for my game?

Hi. Use it in my entry for Rigid Jam - 1 hour jam

Thanks for sprites!

I really love the animations that have been displayed and I want to buy every one of them, but I cant seem to enhance the image with out it coming out blurry. Basically I don't know how to use the image. Could you help?


You need to change the image filtering mode from bilinear to nearest/point.


Utilize tu activo en mi ultimo juego

Lo use como trampolin y se ve bien


can you send me a e-mail? I would like some pixel arts... (


It's great animation! can i use for commercial ?

Yes, you can.