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Hello, you still here?

Hi! Can you enable accepting stripe payments? I could not pay with PayPal...

It would be awesome to have more environments in this style (ex. lava). I made a small infinite runner game using this tileset:

Very nice artwork. I purchased this to show my appreciation for your free adventurer pack. This will help make a lovely game. Thank you

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Any chance for payment other than paypal?


These biomes look nice and i will use them in the game im making.
If you are curious or interested how it will turn out, i will link a link to the youtube video.


Hello there. Thanks for the great work and can i use your works with my commercial game on unity? any credit title would be needed? 

Yes, you can use it for commercial games. Credits are not required. Thanks!


Hay Dude thanx for the hard work, love it. I will be back to buy the rest of your packs soon soon!


Hey rvros, do these tilesets come in 32x32 by chance? I'm thinking about putting a game together using most of the sprites your uploading ^-^ I will credit you.

I just saw 16x16 -_- Is it still worth getting with the character sprite you have?

Hello!  I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for 32x32 tiles. Because this asset doesn't include the original files, it might be hard to modify it. Yes the character sprite I have works with 16x16 tiles.


Hey do you realize you literally have the tileset as one of your images?


it is however really low resolution


You might want to watermark it or rotate it or something; it looks like the whole original tileset if you view it, 16x16 tiles.