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Pixel art animated character for platformer/sidescroll games with 39 animations:

39 animations:

  • Idle1
  • Idle2
  • Run
  • Crouch
  • Slide
  • Attack1
  • Attack2
  • Attack3
  • Jump
  • Fall
  • Somersault
  • Corner Grab
  • Corner Climb
  • Corner Jump
  • Sword Draw
  • Sword Sheathe
  • Wall Slide
  • Wall Climb
  • Hurt
  • Die
  • Water Idle
  • Water Move
  • Cast Spell
  • Use Item
  • Air Attack1
  • Air Attack2
  • Air Attack3
  •  Punch1 
  • Punch2
  • Punch3
  • Kick1
  • Kick 2
  • Drop Kick 
  • Walk
  • Knocked Down
  • Recover
  • Run2
  • Crouch Walk
  •  Wall Run

Sprite dimension: 50x37 px

Individual sprite, sprite sheet and the original .aseprite file included

License Permissions:

You can do:

- You can use this asset for personal and commercial purpose. Credit is not required but would be appreciated. 

- Modify to suit your needs.

You cannot do:

- Resell/redistribute this asset.


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Adventurer.zip 101 kB
Adventurer-1.3.zip 170 kB
Adventurer-1.5.zip 199 kB
Adventurer-Hand-Combat.zip 47 kB
Adventurer-Bow.zip 11 kB
original files.zip 44 kB
run3.zip 17 kB

Development log


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can I use these in a game that I will sell on stores? I won't sell the assets I will sell the game that I will made using the assets.


Hi is there a way you can upload a spritesheet with animations from all the different folders. So every single animation included.

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I love this asset!  Super generous gift to the game development community.  Any plans for a few more animations?  For example, I could really use block pushing/ pulling animations.  Thanks!

Thank you for the art.I made a demo

Well done!

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Hello rvros, i must thank you for the assets, i am making a metroidvania game and just got a DEMO out and i used your assets as a base for my character. Check out the results here: https://sweepingavalanche.itch.io/devoul

Thanks a lot for your hard work and generosity!

PS i did not credit you for the DEMO because i forgot to do it. The credits is just Sweeping avalanche creations (i am a solo dev) but dont worry because the finished game will have your name on it! 

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Hey, rvros! I've mentioned you as a contributor in our new multiplayer RPG game, as we made use of many of your sprites. You can see your sprites in action here:

Thank you for the awesome work!

Hey, I've made a game with your character. Thank you for the art.


Yo this is so cool. You know what you should do. Make a pack with a test environment and enemies to go with this and sell it. I would buy it for $50. I'm a programmer and I find it hard to find prototyping assets. Anyway that's up to you of course but I really like this. 


Hello, I am very interested in your character. I have a question, if I make a video game with it and put the credits with your name in the game. Can I sell the game I create?


Yes, you can.

Hi there, I used this in my new game! Thank you for your great work :)


muchas gracias por tu personaje lo use en mi primer juego te lo agradesco


Hello, Very Goog Evening, how're you? My Congratiolaction for your work, very beautifull, can I use this Sprite wuith your name with credits in my game and can I do modifications? Thank You Very Much For Your Help!!! Hug!!!

Yes, you can use it and modify it.

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Thanks so much!!! Super fun little character that made my game look way better!

May I change some of the character's elements, like pallette color and a few other details (like removing the sword from his back)? Also, do you accept comissions of more sprites of this specific character?

I'm starting a project, and would like to use him as a possible protagonist, but in the future I might need more sprites in this style (like NPCs and/or enemies), and I would like to know your commission availability before starting to use it.

Yes, you can modify the sprites. I'm currently not available for commission work.

Under which licence are your asset? PS: Sorry for my English. I know this are not good.


You are free to use the assets personally and commercially.  You can also modify them. The only restriction is redistributing the assets as another graphical asset.


Hi! I really like your assets and I was wondering what you're planning to do next.

Hey can you make the crouch walk but with the sword? I'm using all your assets for my game and i would love that :)

Hey! I used this charecter and a couple of enemies from your packs for my game. I altered the colors slightly i hope you dont mind!https://metr0p0lis1.itch.io/terra-firma

let me know what you think!

Cool color palette! Looks really good!

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Thanks… You make this very good. I love these set.

Fantastic work!  I've really appreciated how quickly and easily I've been able to get a good looking game prototype up and running using a collection of your assets despite having no artistic skill of my own.   This character in particular is exceptionally well done and the number of animations is phenomenal.   If you're still working on him, suggest considering a crouch attack, that's really the only animation I've found that's missing. 

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Thanks for your great work. Can I use those assets in an open source game engine's demo with your credits? This game engine is brand new and will be published soon. The concern is, since people will have access to the project files, they will get direct access to the resources as well. And since it is indicated that redistribution is not allowed, is that a no as well?

If it is with the demo project files, yes you can.

Thanks! Finally the engine is out: https://github.com/cocoatoucher/Glide

Your art has helped me a lot :)


Thanks alot for sharing this!, i will make sure to credit you.

Great work with this sprite, RVROS. It's amazing to see you give it away for free not credit required. I look forward to more of your work

Thank you, amazing character, and animation. A question, how can i make this isometric :(


I used your work in my music video! Your work is really great, I wish I had more time to use more of the actions! But anyway, I enjoyed using your art. Never thought I could find something amazing here for free! Thanks!

Hey rvros, Thank's for your art, the character and animations is perfect!

I made a html5 and android game with your asset and put your name on credits inside the game.

This is the link for the game:


I hope you and other guys enjoy it!

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Your art appeared in a video of unity, is called: Unity 2018.3: New Features and Improvements. In 2:13 minutes!!!


Thank  you so much.

I used this art my game so when I release my game in store

tell you again!

Hi, I love your work! Do you want to help me create a game?

Hi, I really love your work and am planing to use them in one of my demo project. One question though... What is the dpi/ppi for the sprites?

Hello, I'm not sure if dpi/ppi is applicable for pixel art but this sprite is 50x37 px. You can just scale the sprite with your preferred dpi/ppi with point filter or Nearest Neighbor (hard edges). Hope that helps, thanks!

Could you make a color palette that matches the character, please?


You can access the color palette in the original files.zip. It contains the .aseprite so you can change the palette easily.


Awesome work! More than enough animations to play around with/prototype.

WOW.Thank you and Can I use this character in my game?

hello is it possible to add a pick up, push and pull animation

Great asset. 

Hey quick question, I wanted to make a game on construct 3 and needed a sprite... was wondering if I could use this sprite? I would really appreciate it if you you would be OK if I were to publish a game with this sprite as the main character, If not that is totally fine.


Hello, I started working with games recently and I wonder if I can use this sprite for my game, with clear credits of course.
Q: A simple game, but I plan to put it in the playstore.
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