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Hey rvros, just wanted to say these animations are top quality, you're awesome!

Wanted to ask if are planning on making a dash animation as that would be really cool to have and maybe a blink animation, if you feel like it. 



I would like to discuss with you, i could not find you on social media. Where can i talk to you in private?

Hi, you can contact me on this email:

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Hi there may i usethese sprites as a player i'm planning on selling a Template on UE4 market Also you are credited on the credits menu here

Can you please reply ???

Hello! Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, you can use it as a part of a game template but redistributing and including this sprite as a part of a larger graphical assets(eg. Character sprite pack, tilemap sprites) is not allowed.


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It's like he's a good actor and each game is another movie :)


Thank you rvros for your fantastic hero, I really think that it can compete with other commercial games. 

I made a prototype with your character:, I hope  you will like it!

Really nice looking FX! I'm glad you like the sprites.

i bought a lot of your work on gamedevmarket, i just downloaded this one and gived you a little contribution your work is awsome. I'm doing a fairly big project, i ll let you know when the open beta will be available.

Awesome, thanks. Good luck with your project!

I love your work, and I'm currently using it to create some fast paced game. It's the first time I see a character set nice looking and mostly so much complete. Even in the paid ones, they always miss animations I personally find vitals such as dying or an attack, but this one has everything and even more ! Wether you like it or not, I'm crediting you.

I have two questions though, why did you remove character's eyes in 'Hurt' and 'Die' animations ? Is he closing his eyes ?
And why aren't the swimming, swimming idle and stand animations in the 1.5 version ? (they're still in the 1.3) Is the standing one removed, as it isn't in the list ?

Also, if you're still open to suggestions, I think an animation with the character removing a sword from the ground (or a pedestal) would be cool (standing in front of the camera, but side can be nice too).

Hello. I'm glad you like it.

Yes, that is supposed to close his eyes. And the swim animations should also be in version 1.5, I just forgot to add it back when exporting. Thanks for pointing out.

Sorry, I'm quite busy right now I can't add your suggestions.

Good luck with your game!

rvros, i want to make a game, want to join me?

Sorry, I'm not looking to join any game projects right now.

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Pixel Master Rvos!

Any chance to get some views of your wonderful adventurer looking straight into the camera?     Shrug.  Sigh.  Wink.  Laugh.  Eat.  Drink.  Bumping a big toe.   Falling.  Juggling.  The idea would be to use these actions  as a connection point with the Player and furthermore as a  general comic relief tool during the games thus enhancing the overall user experience.

Love your character!

Hello! I'm not planning to add those type of animations right now.  Great idea by the way, might as well consider it in the future.


Hey Rvos will you be adding a  non side- view ladder climb animation ?

Hey, I'll add it to my list.

Hey rvros,

i was trying to build a demo that needed a ladder climb.  I did this.  Maybe you could tweak it further  or simply add it to your sprites list for others to use.

i want to join to make games e-mail me

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Hey Rvos, decided to use your art for an indie game. I'll probably wind up buying most of the assets here. One minor thing I wanted to ask - could you add a running animation with the sword drawn for the Pixel Adventurer? I can do this myself, but figured I'd check with you before I alter your artwork.

Let me know...

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Hey, I think I already have that animation. I just need to export and upload it here.

Edit: Already uploaded

Deleted 2 years ago

Hey, yes the original file is layered. I will include  it on the upcoming update.


I have no words! 11/10!!

unbelievable work. prototyping a game rn with this asset. plan to buy some more to add in.


Hi, your work is amazing. Can I use this character to create animations in "Adobe Animate", for further posting on YouTube?

Yes, you can use it. Thanks!

Hi, can i use this assets on a game that im going to sell ?  i will credit you in the beginning of the game 

Yes, you can. Good luck with your game!

Hey there, can i use it for a cc game ?


Yes, you can.

For now sprites barely visible on some backgrounds. Adding some outline can fix that.
Overall contrast are also very low.

I'm thinking to add the original aseprite file next time so everyone can easily  adjust the contrast or even the entire palette to fit their needs.


Amazing stuff, thank you very much for this sprite sheet. I am currently using it to improve my 2D game design skills; I hope I'm able to produce something cool and share with you soon.

Love the character. Are you able to design for my upcoming game? If so, please leave your email so we can email you.

I'm unable to help you right now, sorry.

thanx for this , really cool animations ,now i need other stuff,are you free for hire?

Hi, sorry I'm not available right now.

bigibby could you help me with the code

hello rvros, i want make a game but i don´t know draw (sprites), we can make a game together?


LOVE the art style dude. Here's me putting it to use 

 Thanks a lot for your contribution, it is amazing.

Looks cool! 

Glad you liked it.

Hey this looks absolutely amazing! I was wondering if you had the same file but high definition. Anything around 720p or higher would be great. Thanks alot for making and distributing these :)

Actually realized it was my software that was making it blurry. Rock on mate!

Hi, can i use these assets for a game template that will be on the unity asset store? Thanks

Yes, you can use it.

Thank you, I'll be sure to credit you when the game template is released 

Hi, can I use it in my commercial project? if it bring me profits I will donate you. 

Yes, you can.

i love you soo much my brother from another mother

Hi :) Great job. Thanks for sharing. Can i use it in my android game?


Hi @rvros, do you take requests? We are willing to pay and actually have all the designs already. Please let me know, thanks.

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Hi! You can drop me an email here:

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I implemented a modified version of this and your oculothorax  into my recent gamejam

I also made a tool for recoloring pixel art

Thanks for making such great freely available animations! the best on itch!

Thanks! Hey great tool, by the way. 

Hey Awesome buddy @rvros, I'm the lead developer @iftgames, we all love this sprite and everyone in the team suggests use your sprite for the main character, and this sprite completely feels our desires and we badly wanna use this, I'll include a pair of Special .apk download key (of a paid update) for you... But as we are an indie team, so we don't have enough money to donate, but after publishing the game, we want to offer you something, also with donation... 

Nothing more to say than Thank you very much😊... You just made me cry with joy😄


Your fan,


Awesome! Feel free to use it for your game. 

Good luck!

Thank you very much buddy! I will include you specially in the main credits of our game as the Character Designer+Artist😄, please give me your Twitter ID, so that I could include you in the credits😊, hope you don't mind if I add you in our game credits😊

Hey! Just 'rvros' is fine if you're going to credit me. Or you could also link it back here.

This is absolutely amazing man, good job! If I had to say 1 thing though, it would be that the drawing sword animation misses 1 frame to be smooth transitioning into idle 2

Really good.

As a hobbyist gamedev I've been on the lookout for good main character sprites for years and this might be the best set I've seen (paid or not). Great work! If you continue to work on these I would love to see sprites for attacking while air-born.


Would be great to have an animation for a spell cast, like hands forward like shooting a fireball from his hands!

I'm also planning to add spell cast and use item animations. I'll add it next update.

That is great, thanks!

Wow this asset is amazing, thank you so much! I have been trying to find a decent character for my platform engine for quite some time, this couldn't have come at a better time!

Are you planning any additional animations for this? Would be more than  happy to pay for them. e.g. Climbing a ladder, Swimming + swim idle (tread water), Wall slide etc. If you are interested please email me to discuss further saferguson09 at gmail dot com 

Eh.. I would be interested in this too.. (as well as an alternate license from CC-BY-SA)


I've just updated the asset with 4 addtional animations.

Also, I've decided to change the permisions from CC-BY-SA to this:

License Permissions:

You can do:

- You can use this asset for personal and commercial purpose. Credit is not required but would be appreciated.
- Modify to suit your needs.

You cannot do:

- Redistribute this asset.

That's awesome! Thank you!

These are great, thank you!

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