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just wow
very very good
it it maybe the eeest charecter assetes i ever see
thank u sooooooo much

keep going


Hi, I know you disappeared and no longer answer messages but I really liked your pixel art, I used it as the main character in several projects. 

This time I used it as a boss in a game I'm developing.


Published a whole 2d Game Template using these sprites:


Its beautifu >< thanks a lot for this pack!!

(1 edit)

Does this pack have the animation of the character jumping without a somersault?

does it face two sides? or only one


flip or mirror the sprite in the game engine

u can use flip
it eazy

Hello, here's another game starring this character:

Me encanta me servirá para practicar mi curso de programación de videojuegos 


anyone else who always sees this at the "idle slayer" mobile ads?

Love it!

Amazing Animations. Loved them!

Love this thanks. Are you available for freelance?


This animation not is Idle Slayer?

yes xD

I love the assets, I used them in the game jam I was in if you wanna check it out

All of your pixel animation stuff looks great.  Can definitely see your love for the medium.

I'm making a game with this right now and I absolutely love the asset. Great job! I'll post the demo as soon as I'm finished with it!

can I use this in my code template to sell on the Unity asset store? 

you know i weirdly want a cat girl with this type of animation but this is perfect

I am making a combat engine.

animations are so smooth and hero looks incredible 

a swim animation would be a great addition! :D

Can I use this in my game (If change it a bit as I need the colors to match the game's aesthetic. I will give credit

can I use this on my game ? (without change it)

it says in the description you can use without credit and can modify as you see fit


On you should change the width to 350 since 385 doesnt work when devided by the amount of X frames, the animation are off centered 

Thank you for this clarification!

Wonderful asset, is there any way I could modify him for my game (change how he looks, his attacks, etc.) thanks in advance.

If I'm not mistaken, it looks like it includes a .aseprite file, so if you have aseprite you should be able to edit the file there!

Amazing Asset!!

am i allowed to use ur chrakter and change him , just to get the genneral proportions right because i may plan to sell the game later ?

it's just that sometimes it's not clear which sprite belongs to which animation

can I please separate each animation?


Do I use your sprites on my commercial Android game..?


I'll say what everyone is thinking: this is the most iconic character on; whenever I see this download on the top of the assets list for popularity, I smile :) Great work.


This is a fantastic character to start working on games, it has all of the needed animations you may need!

... well, nearly :P I wanted a roll animation, to have a dodge that can be used from the ground and also from the air (similar to Dead Cells). I could actually add it by reusing slides of other animations and editing details.

Here is the updated spritesheet if anyone else is interested (last 12 sprites) :


Hope that helps, enjoy!


this is awesome work. I wanted to know do you have any village assets with npcs and such ?

Incredible work! I'm very very likely to use this. I'll be sure to credit.

you are niceman

Has anyone figured out the correct H-Frame and V-Frame for godot? 

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