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This is so helpful! I am so surprised this is free!


how is this free?!?!?!? common thats a rip off for you my man you worked so hard on this amazing asset

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your saying this is free ?!?

btw id like to pay if i had any money


I dont think i will find better than this. Thanks

Thanks for the good sprite I used it for one of my best Games!!!!


epic just epic

thank you for this character i can create my first game

Hello, i used this character in my university project. Thank u for making it possible <3 ^^

i really love the charactor, that helps a lot for me as a new game maker!

Do I use your sprites on my commercial Android game..?


Really love the asset pack, but not all the animations are the same size. For the sprite sheet, which ones are supposed to be which? Like what's idle, run, slide, and so forth. 


Thank you Very Much for This Asset,

I want Some Animations for My Project And You Have All Of Them.

This is a great character set.  Excellent job.  Character reminded me of the Quest For Glory remake.

I modified the character :)

Realy cool!

Do I use your sprites on my commercial Android game..??

amazing character

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IDK how to animate that i did it on scratch but i can not download it

Very nice!

I'm also using this...I also recolored the sprite to make a player2...I hope that is alright


Im pretty sure this dude is redistributing your asset


Good looking out! lol The profile is deleted now, hopefully they get shut down on other sites too

Sou muitíssimo grato por esse ativo, prometo fazer um excelente uso dele. 

Thank you homie, this will help a new game dev student like me :)

Big thank you from a new Game Dev student! Amazing!

Thanks, it's the best hero character available here! I use it for my work in progress action fighting game -

Thanks for amazing assets!

What is he doing in "adventurer-stand-00", "adventurer-stand-01" and "adventurer-stand-03"? I really cant understand it.

He's recovering from the slide animation.

This is amazing. Thank you for the high quality asset!

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I can't find the correct Horizontal and vertical frames in godot for 1.5?

Deleted post

How to download free?


Just click where say "Download Now" and then "No thanks, just take me to the downloads"

Thanks dude! Excellent job!

High quality and very well organized work! Thank you

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this is my first asset pack so it's a bit hard for me to understand but i got one animation done

btw good job

Thanks for providing this Character. I am using it right now in a project. Randomly inserting a salto sometimes when jumping makes him look sooo cool. See here:

Im using godot, and I cant find the right hframes and vframes for the newest sprite sheet, which is right? Well, for the first one it worked, but now it doesnt, ive been through all possibilities and the best one i could find (16 vframes, 8 hframes) it still shifted to the right every frame!!! I tried all my tricks but It seems to be off by 2 pixels, as in the spritesheet itself. Please help!

Hey, Rvors! Nice asset you've got.
I used your character in my game Dungeons Again:

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