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These are amazing, I hope you keep it up.



Get it here:


Great assets! Thank you for the eforts! I plan to use your assets to make an infinite running game. Something like following video but I have not decided the gameplay yet...


Best main character asset! I used it in my fist game :D . THX for it!


what this assest pixel art type?


Hi, does it fit within the license to use some of these animations in a game dev. tutorial series where I would provide the students the source files for the game(s) they learn to build? Of course full credit would be given to you with a link to your main page.

Beautiful assets! I'm using it in my a plateformer prototype you can see here

C'est vraiment beau comme assets merci pour le partage.

If this had pushing and ladder animation he would be the best asset on itch

it has an pushing animation and u can arrange the ladder animation by putting some different sprites of the package together ^^

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Love the sprites im using it as a placeholder in my game(not really a game yet but eh) im looking for feedback for it so please check it out!

I love the assets, I just had one question is the adventurer male of female, I want to know so that I don't get criticised over confusing this to be the other gender if its a male or female


just to clarify, we can publish content with this in it for stuff like a game jam, as long as we don't get money from it right?


The image was pretty small. It was probably just me being dumb, but when i tried to use it in my game and scale it up in the engine, it got all blurry, so I had to manually change the size using a pixel art app. 


If you're using unity, to do this without having to use an external app, all you need to do is click on each image and change the wrap mode to clamp and filter mode to point (no filter) this will prevent it from getting blurry. 


I use Unreal, is it similar there?

Can I use this in a open source project? I don't know if it's considered redistribution


you can't redisitribut if is the project return$$ for you...

Maybe I’m too much like my cats, but I’m curious why you chose to disallow “Resell/redistribute this asset.” on this one when you put your other two free animated sprites under CC0.

This is best hero sprites.. It contains so many actions! Thanks for your works. I use it for my game. I will credit. Thank you!

hi im using you assets in a game im working on called Quoma "Will probably change the name" heres a link if you want to check it out


hi I would be interested in buying various graphics packages and I would, with my team, create a game only with your graphics since they are very beautiful you would be willing to give us a small discount on all packages: we buy monster packages and the platformer map and you give us a discount of $ 6 so instead of $ 36 we pay $ 30. do you agree?

I've used this in a my first ever 2d game (which I didn't complete) but you can check my progress so far here would really appreciate a review

Thanks for the awesome artwork .

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This is Awesome!!

Great asset! I used this and your slime one for a game jam, and was great to use.
If I wanted to release the source of my game and it included your asset would that be fine?

Hey! I was gonna use this for a top-down action RPG I was designing, but I noticed there wasn't any animations for a downwards or upwards run! I know this is a lot to ask but if you could maybe make a few animations for those. I know this is a lot to ask but I think it'd be really cool. Thanks!

really helpful thanks

Very useful thanks

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If you make more sprites like this, I will buy them in a heartbeat. I've purchased asset packs that were lower quality than this.

The best asset!!! Thanks you

Good package overall! It looks great and has many good animations.

I have made a game using this asset. You can play it here if you like:

Hey awesome game dude. I also wanna try my hand with this asset, but its too pixelated at my end; unlike your game. Any ideas?

Good Evening

Can we talk ? You have any contact ? Email ?


so cute! love it <3


its amazing but the files were fuzzy ):

This sprite legit looks like my sister LOL

is there anywhere you can get the necromancer by itself

How u make this amaizing sprites?

Beautifull sprites man! Thanks for sharing it.

Hello, thanks for doing this man, really helped me to learn game develop currently using it for my very first prototype.

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Great work! Im using this sprite for a platformer prototype, and it has everything I need except for a wall slide. I've been using the cliff hang animation as a placeholder. Do you plan to add any wall slide animations?

edit: Found the wall slide. Never mind!

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Hello. I used this character for a beat 'em up prototype. Thanks for sharing it.

If you want to check it out here's the link:

Thanks a lot!

Those sprites are insane, but is there a chance that you could add the walking animation, the running annimation, and the crouch animation but with the sword in hand? That would help me a lot!

Thank You!! I used your assets for my game on:
Play Store:
Check it out if you want!!

Thanks for sharing your art, your are the best <3

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Nice work!! Thank you :)

I used it on a little metroidvania as main character.

and credited you at the end of the game

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