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Hello, thanks for doing this man, really helped me to learn game develop currently using it for my very first prototype.

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Great work! Im using this sprite for a platformer prototype, and it has everything I need except for a wall slide. I've been using the cliff hang animation as a placeholder. Do you plan to add any wall slide animations?

edit: Found the wall slide. Never mind!

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Hello. I used this character for a beat 'em up prototype. Thanks for sharing it.

If you want to check it out here's the link:

Thanks a lot!

Those sprites are insane, but is there a chance that you could add the walking animation, the running annimation, and the crouch animation but with the sword in hand? That would help me a lot!

Thank You!! I used your assets for my game on:
Play Store:
Check it out if you want!!

Thanks for sharing your art, your are the best <3

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Nice work!! Thank you :)

I used it on a little metroidvania as main character.

and credited you at the end of the game

Can I use this in my game.

ótimo trabalho cara, vou colocar você nos créditos do meu jogo!!!

Thank you for your awesome asset!

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Awesome asset !

Used in my Dungeons Again game!

Hey, I really loved what you did here and I was wondering if I could take the character animations as a template for creating my own character. If I use it in a game I'll still credit you if you want too (either if I use mine or yours, or both idk) :) 

It's awesome!

Hi, great work.

I was wondering if you are planning to make a dash animation.

I've seen other developers has solved this re-using other animations or frames, but an "epic dash" would be great and handy to many projects.

Thanks a lot in any case for this gift to the community

the most perfect character . 

love your work ;)

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Very nice! I think you could also add a "climb ladder" animation, a back view.

Absolutely stunning. I'm speechless. So... fluid.

thanks man it very suited character for our game and this are one of the best pixel art which i have ever seen 

It's the perfect character for my metroidvania! His many animations provide the possibility for abilities to be unlocked over time to traverse the world faster and unlock new areas. For instance, the wall run animation inspires new gameplay opportunities. Great work!

Hi, I am a developer for the VR Health Empire. I am currently making a game using your assets, and was hoping to correspond with you more about it if you have time. Is there a better way to get in touch with you?

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how can i get left animations

You need to coding for left animations in your game.

You can set sprites mirrored (sorry for my bad english)

It depends on the engine you're using. Generally, there should be an option "flip_h"

if it is unity, do SpriteRenderer.FlipX = true;

Awesome. Will include your name in the credits as the original asset author. Keep it up!

I used this sprite in a game I just uploaded. Thank you so much for this character I like it a lot

My Game

can I use these in a game that I will sell on stores? I won't sell the assets I will sell the game that I will made using the assets.


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I love this asset!  Super generous gift to the game development community.  Any plans for a few more animations?  For example, I could really use block pushing/ pulling animations.  Thanks!


Thank you for the art.I made a demo


Well done!

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Hello rvros, i must thank you for the assets, i am making a metroidvania game and just got a DEMO out and i used your assets as a base for my character. Check out the results here:

Thanks a lot for your hard work and generosity!

PS i did not credit you for the DEMO because i forgot to do it. The credits is just Sweeping avalanche creations (i am a solo dev) but dont worry because the finished game will have your name on it! 

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Hey, rvros! I've mentioned you as a contributor in our new multiplayer RPG game, as we made use of many of your sprites. You can see your sprites in action here:

Thank you for the awesome work!

Hey, I've made a game with your character. Thank you for the art.

Yo this is so cool. You know what you should do. Make a pack with a test environment and enemies to go with this and sell it. I would buy it for $50. I'm a programmer and I find it hard to find prototyping assets. Anyway that's up to you of course but I really like this. 


Hello, I am very interested in your character. I have a question, if I make a video game with it and put the credits with your name in the game. Can I sell the game I create?


Yes, you can.

Hi there, I used this in my new game! Thank you for your great work :)

muchas gracias por tu personaje lo use en mi primer juego te lo agradesco

Hello, Very Goog Evening, how're you? My Congratiolaction for your work, very beautifull, can I use this Sprite wuith your name with credits in my game and can I do modifications? Thank You Very Much For Your Help!!! Hug!!!

Yes, you can use it and modify it.

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Thanks so much!!! Super fun little character that made my game look way better!

May I change some of the character's elements, like pallette color and a few other details (like removing the sword from his back)? Also, do you accept comissions of more sprites of this specific character?

I'm starting a project, and would like to use him as a possible protagonist, but in the future I might need more sprites in this style (like NPCs and/or enemies), and I would like to know your commission availability before starting to use it.

Yes, you can modify the sprites. I'm currently not available for commission work.

Under which licence are your asset? PS: Sorry for my English. I know this are not good.


You are free to use the assets personally and commercially.  You can also modify them. The only restriction is redistributing the assets as another graphical asset.


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