This pack contains 10 monsters that you can use for your side-scroller/platformer games.

-Rat (6 animations)

-Mandrake (7 animations)

-Djinn Bandit (6 animations)

-Red Ogre (6 animations)

-Satyr (6 animations)

-Shade (5 animations)

-Wasp (5 animations)

-Werewolf  (6 animations)

-Yeti (7 animations)

-Golem (7 animations)

Individual sprite and a sprite sheet is included.

Aseprite (.aseprite) file also included

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Adventure, Platformer
Made withUnity
Tagsanimated, Fantasy, Monsters, pack, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, spritesheet


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In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Pixel Monster Pack 604 kB
Monster Pack 407 kB

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Must say first purchase I have ever been disappointed in. Beware they are very low resolution.

hey i really want to buy it but i only have mastercard/visa not paypal ;/

Just purchased this awesome pack! Thanks!

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Are your paid assets available for commercial use? I'm asking because there are licences in some and not in others.

i will buy all of your monster assets. But paypal is not used in our country.

i will buy all of your monster assets. But paypal is not used in our country.

Hey I wanna buy this pack. But I can't use paypal. Can you accept card please?

Hey I wanna buy this pack. But I can't use paypal. Can you accept card please?


Good night! If I buy can I use it in commercial projects?

Thank you!

These are incredible! Are the files PNG?

Hello rvros,

you do an incredible work, thanks for sharing!  I really like your style.

I look forward to develop a 2d game and would like to collaborate with you. Please contact me or leave a way to contact you. 


Hi! Unfortunately I cannot help you with your game as I don't do commissions anymore, sorry. 

I'm glad you like my work. Best luck with your games!

Hi rvros im mauricio sandoval i wonder if you do sprite by request, i need to buy some :)!

What are the sprites pixel dimentions is it 128x128?

These sprites are made for 16x16 px tilesets. Here are the dimensions:

Djinn Bandit: 48x42 px
Golem: 74x57 px
Mandrake: 57x38 px
Rat: 42x22 px
Red Ogre: 73x46 px
Satyr: 68x46 px
Shade: 59x50 px
Wasp: 42x53 px
Werewolf: 73x43 px
Yeti: 73x57 px


Great quality packs

Lovely packs, planning on adding Jump animations to the creatures? 

Please continue with the packs!

Yes, just like the monster pack 1, I'll add jumping animations. Thanks!


Do you free lance? Would love to hire you for a couple of things!

Hey, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, I'm currently not available. 


Hey rvros, your asset packs are really great! I started out using your free adventurer spritesheet and it eventually led to me purchasing this haha. I look forward to more awesome pixel art! :)

I'm a game development student, currently studying in KDU University College in Selangor, Malaysia. I wanna ask for ur permission to use ur monster pack and tiles set for my assignments.

You can use these assets for commercial or personal purpose, so yes you can use it also for school.

but the thing is i cant download the animations without paying

there's a link right above the price field. It says to skip to the download lol.


Very nice job, you save my life!!!

Hi, are these for commercial use too?



Minotaur, Bandit, Demon, Imp,  - add these and you are golden.

Looking for enemies like in a traditional RPG - Thief, Warrior, Wizard, Mage, Rogue, Assassin.  Elf Archer,  Raider (Arab style).  Your sales would pick up for these, huge. 

Thank you for this.

I second this request. This is a must need! This should be your next pack of 'monsters'. Hero pack.

your work is godsend for my project, seriously I can't stress this enough, I'll get both packs but should I expect a third?

Glad you like it! I'm planning for a third pack but I don't yet know when it will be released.